21 December 2007

Double-Entry Gate

Our gate is installed! The UT's Just Fix It also wrote a follow up

If anybody can make a year-end tax-deductible donation to support this
cost, please donate online or send a check.

Happy Holidays! Looking forward to some great holiday sweaters... If
anybody ends up with a good picture (and your dog doesn't look
tortured to be dressed up), send it over and we'll post it.

28 November 2007

Double-Entry Gate

The UT's Just Fix It wrote about our gate problem and solution:

Does anybody know Lisa Chernow and Emily?

27 November 2007

Double-Entry Gate

One of the remaining safety improvements was to upgrade the main entry
gate to be a double-entry area to avoid dogs sneaking out of the open
gate - a standard at many dog parks. This project has been approved
and will be moving forward very soon!

However, due to disabled access and other various requirements, this
is unfortunately a $2,600 effort. If you would like to donate to help
fund this project, now would be a great time to make a tax-deductible

Lighting is still being discussed, but of course won't be cheap.
Although we are looking at a solar-powered option.

13 November 2007

Nice Dog Park Article


Update: We've found a local provider of solar-powered lights, and
we're asking the City for approval to install them in our dog park.

20 October 2007

Turf Management

We're discussing turf management ideas with Parks and Rec now that we
are getting so much more use (and even more if we get the lights
in!). Any ideas?

21 August 2007

UT Article

In case you missed it, Jeanette Steele at the UT wrote up a nice
article about our improvement project:

This article also got a mention in Scott Lewis' blog on VoSD:

We hope everybody is enjoying the summer in the park!

25 May 2007

Small Dog Update

Regarding a Small Dog Area: The Park and Recreation department
confirmed that having a separate small dog area is consistent with
their current recommendations for all dog parks. However, the project
would still have to be presented to the Balboa Park Committee for
approval, and then of course we would still have to fund it ourselves.