28 November 2007

Double-Entry Gate

The UT's Just Fix It wrote about our gate problem and solution:

Does anybody know Lisa Chernow and Emily?

27 November 2007

Double-Entry Gate

One of the remaining safety improvements was to upgrade the main entry
gate to be a double-entry area to avoid dogs sneaking out of the open
gate - a standard at many dog parks. This project has been approved
and will be moving forward very soon!

However, due to disabled access and other various requirements, this
is unfortunately a $2,600 effort. If you would like to donate to help
fund this project, now would be a great time to make a tax-deductible

Lighting is still being discussed, but of course won't be cheap.
Although we are looking at a solar-powered option.

13 November 2007

Nice Dog Park Article


Update: We've found a local provider of solar-powered lights, and
we're asking the City for approval to install them in our dog park.