06 February 2008

Park Staff Dog Bite!

We heard from Park Staff that one of them was bit last week, when they
were doing their regular maintenance at our Nate's Point. While they
were apparently using a leaf-blower at the time, which admittedly may
be confused with a vaccuum, it was still an unfortunate incident.
Thankfully it was not a bad bite.

Please remember to keep your dogs under control when the maintenance
staff are at work. And thank them on occasion - the staff does a good
job keeping our park nice with very limited resources!


04 February 2008

Balboa Park/Morley Field Recreation Council Liason

The Balboa Park/Morley Field Recreation Council now includes the
Balboa Park dog parks under its governance. Nate's Point could use a
representative to attend these meetings on our behalf, which are only
once every two months in the evening.

If there is somebody on this list that already attends, or anybody
that is interested, please post or contact us.