18 September 2008

Small Dog Area Update

We met with the City staff today to start looking at options. They are going to put together some design plans that we can use as a basis for discussion and to determine the official NPDog proposal and level of support available.

The items we are trying to solve are:
  • Small Dog Safety
  • Turf Management
  • Possible Lighting Options
If any dog park members are willing to get involved on a design review committee, please post or e-mail info@npdog.org.

1 comment:

oRayzio said...

I think splitting the dog park into fenced sections based on the size of the dog is a bad idea, especially if the big dog and small dog areas end up being the same size. Large dogs need the extra space to roam and all dogs need to be socialized with other dogs, regardless of their respective sizes.

If two dogs of different sizes can't get along with each other at a dog park, one or both of those dogs needs more socializing with dogs of different sizes or they won't get along with other dogs when they're not at a dog park.

With the current size of the park, you can always keep dogs that don't enjoy each other's company apart, even if both dogs are the same size. If you break the park into fenced sections that are each 1/3 the size of the current park (as is the current plan), you have less of an opportunity to separate these dogs. That means more problems and more dog fights, not fewer.