17 September 2008

UT JustFixIt Article

Another nice article about our dog park in the UT's Just Fix It column. Thanks to Peter Blasik for working to keep this project moving forward.


If the small dog area is important to you, please consider donating so that can we pay for this project (we're sure it won't be cheap). We're also investigating adding lighting options to the design.


Chris W. said...

So dividing the dog park up into three areas is the best solution?
Has anyone considered a small dog park across the street towards the lawn bowling? Seems it would have the same wall and gate type entrance and that area extends quite a bit into the back. Also lots of shade and a water fountain/water system nearby. I am definitely not against a small dog park, but dividing the current park up into three separate parts seems a bit extreme. Also, what guarantee would large dog owners have that small dogs would no longer be in the area. There are a number of people who actually don't take their large dogs to parks because they are responsible and know that their dog will have issues w/ smaller dogs. So, if there's now a separate small dog area, it stands to reason folks will be bringing their large dogs knowning it's off limits to small dogs. In other words, it cuts both ways - Small dogs would no longer be allowed in the large dog area.

Seems to me we could come up w/ a more reasonable solution than the current proposal. Is this open to a vote? Again, I'm all for a small dog park area, but dividing the current one into three parts seems a shame. Balboa Park has one of the nicest dog parks in the county - it would be good if we could add to it rather than take it away.

Joe Frescatore said...

Please oppose the proposed segregation of Nate's Point dog park. It's fine the way it is, despite the occaisional dog owner who brings an unruly dog. The park's size doesn't warrant segregation. I've used the park with my dogs for years (pre/post fencing) and it's perfect the way it is. Most dog owners are very responsible and keep their dogs under control. There's no saying that a small dog might not terrify Peter Blasik's dog (or any other) in the future. After all, many small dogs are more aggressive than large dog breeds. Check the statistics. Thank you for your consideration.

Anonymous said...

I too am against the segregation of small vs larger dogs @ Nate's Dog Park. I have both a medium/large dog along with a very small dog. If they were to fence off this location for small vs big dogs, how am I to walk laps w/both my pooches? My little dog is a transplant from Indiana recently (father-in-law passed away) and she had never been to a dog park. At first she was very timid of the larger dogs coming up to her, however, she got over that and has just as much fun playing/chasing the larger dogs as she does smaller dog. Most people who bring their dogs to this park, have very friendly dogs. I would hope that those individuals who have dogs that don't get along w/others wouldn't bring theirs here. In addition, for the person who has an issue w/larger dogs being in the same area as little dogs, why can't they go to one of the many other dog parks in San Diego that are separated. Or like Chis W. stated, let the City make a small dog park somewhere else.

If the segregation does occur, what am I to do? Take my little dog in the big dog section, or take my big dog into a little dog section. I'm sure I would get a lot of "flack" regardless of which scenario I choose. But once again, for those of us that own more than one dog at different sizes, what are we supposed to do?