31 August 2009

New Maintenance Schedule: Closed Wednesday Mornings

The dog park will now be closed Wednesday mornings for maintenance. This weekly closure is necessary for the safety of the Park maintenance crews and dog park patrons - mowers and dogs just don't mix. The crews expect to be done before noon and will open the park whenever they finish, but it may be closed all morning depending on what issues they have that day, such as any irrigation problems. The gates should be clearly marked when the park is closed, so please respect these important maintenance windows.

02 August 2009

Kiosk On the Way - Donations Helpful

Eagle Scout Peter Zeller, from Troop 4 La Jolla, will be building our kiosk in the next couple months. We'll be covering the materials, about $800, so donations are welcome!

25 February 2009

Information Kiosk Update

Good news! Parks and Rec has informed us that the information kiosk project is already scheduled as an Eagle Scout project, probably in the summer. A couple of items we're suggesting:
  • Actually putting the kiosk in the park, so that it is more visible and can easily be referred to, particularly for Rules and Etiquette.
  • Perhaps creating a larger structure that may provide shade or otherwise in addition to just the message board.
If you'd like to help out with this project, please let us know and we'll put you in touch with Parks and Rec or the selected Eagle Scout.

Poop Bag Update

Parks and Rec is going to try to get the dispensers restocked on Fridays, and perhaps add a few more dispensers to help alleviate the outages. Currently the costs of the bags are being covered from within City funds, but that may change in the future. Donations or sponsorships are always welcome.

14 February 2009

Community Meeting Update

Thanks to everybody that attended our January 2009 Nate's Point Meeting! For those that missed it, here's a summary of the discussion:

Information Kiosk
Many other dog parks and recreational areas have message boards, but not ours. Unfortunately, general public postings are not allowed on Balboa Park information boards, only "official" postings handled through Parks and Rec. Suggestions of info that could be posted:
  • Clean up after your dog!
  • Contact Phone Numbers (police, animal control)
  • Dog Park Rules and Etiquette
  • Meeting or Event Announcements
Small Dog Area, Turf Management, and Park Design
A primary discussion item is how to manage the park from a small dog and turf management standpoint. There are many elements to consider, and people on all sides of the issue.
The group at the meeting had a good discussion with a lot of ideas and input, with representation from many constituencies. The goal is to find a plan that serves everybody as best we can, taking into account usability, aesthetics, maintenance requirements, disabled access, and safety.

Our next step is to put together an advisory committee with a few willing volunteers to help reach out to our dog park community and come up with good plans for solving these issues, including design and funding options. If you're interested in volunteering in some capacity, please contact us.

General Issues
These general items are being discussed with Parks and Rec, updates will follow.
  • Bag dispensers are often empty by the end of the weekend
  • Speeding cars on Balboa Drive
  • Dog drinking fountain is not draining very well
  • The rear gate fence needs some fixing to help contain the small dogs
  • Access during or shortly after events is tough, particularly for disabled
Working with Other Groups
The track club would like to make it easier to hold running events in Balboa Park, in addition to helping regular daily joggers where possible. In the forthcoming planning, process we'll take the running group into account. In the meantime, we'll look at temporary fencing solutions to help make their events safe for dogs and runners.

We're looking forward to working with the community and continuing to improve and support our dog park! Thanks again.

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