30 July 2010

Running Event Closure Aug 7

On Aug 7th SDTC will be holding it's 57th running of the Balboa Park 8 mile race which goes through Nate's Point. SDTC has placed signs at each entrance to the off leash area notifying the users that this is coming up. On that Saturday they will be using yellow caution tape from swing gate to swing gate to create the corridor for their race participants and will have monitors out there. This race will be held early and the runners should be through Nate's Point quickly.

But please keep in mind that that swing gates will be open for the duration of the race, not to mention lots of runners going through, so you may want to avoid the dog park saturday morning August 7.

29 July 2010

Balboa Park Dog Photo Contest

Take a picture of your dog in Balboa Park, win prizes: http://www.balboapark.org/blog/?page_id=1202

16 July 2010

Municipal Code Updates from the P&R Board

The Park and Recreation Board is supporting the new municipal code updates. The article in the UT also included this little quote from Chairmain Wilbur Smith:
“You think the banking lobby is strong — try the dog lobby."
This issue still has to go before the City Council, but it looks like there will soon be a 3-dog limit, among other things like not leaving your dog unattended (you'd think that would be widely understood, but apparently not).

"San Diego moving to crack down on off-leash parks"